Top 3 things to do in Palm Desert, California

Each year for the holidays I spend it in the sunshine playing golf, tennis, and going for hikes with my Palm Desert - Southern California.

For those of you who haven't been to Southern California... here are the top 3 things to do in Palm Desert.

1. GOLF.... or Tennis

Palm Desert is known for it's golf community - there are so many golf courses and they are not only beautiful but can be challenging as well. If you are not a golfer but a lover of Tennis. Bring your racquet because there are more than enough places to break it out.

We golf at Indian Ridge Country Club - there are 2 golf courses that are both great. Check out the photos.

Hole # 8 on Grove Course!
Source: via Care on Pinterest

This is hole # 10 on Grove - looking at hole #11...the par 3.

2. Shop!!!

Being Canadian, the shopping in Palm Desert is incredible. Even my boyfriend and brother who are not a shoppers enjoyed themselves. I believe PD has some of the best shopping for the best prices.
Our top spots to check out:
- Cabazon Outlets - Premium Outlet Markets
- El Paseo (maybe not for prices but for fun)
- The Rivers

3. Hike

Hiking is a big activity in Palm Desert. There are many hikes, but the most common one is called "the bump and grind" by the locals. An average time for a pretty quick hiker is about 40 mins up and another 20-25 mins down. If you are battling with injuries or you are not a fast hiker, than plan for more time. Make sure to bring lots of water and sunscreen as it can get really warm.

There are tons of great books with all the local hikes. If you plan to spend a long time in sure to pick one up.

A typical city shot of PD - check out the moutains...great for hiking! 

Croquet - another fun activity...

Source: via Care on Pinterest

Source: via Care on Pinterest
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