Yoga online...who knew it could be so fun!

Good Day Friends!

Every tried yoga online? Me neither!

If you are like me and had a week and weekend full of Christmas parties...and only more to come...I thought what I really need... is a whole lot of yoga. It is always good to give back to your body after lots of not so great food and desserts.  Good thing I have a sister who is an incredible yoga teacher. I wish I could follow her around and ask her all the yummy yoga questions I have.

Lucky for me she started a website called - where you can take online yoga classes from anywhere in the world...all you need is internet access (a computer of some sort), probably a yoga mat, and good spirits. Tonight, I set out to do some yoga and it was awesome!

Here I am beginning my class...taking a yoga class via my iPad - COOL!!

This is my yoga shirt "Love this Life" - great inspiration for a not so great day! If you are having a hard time reading this go to the link here:!__manifesto
You rock.

Here is my boyfriend relaxing and "reading" - but really he is making fun of me while I am doing yoga! 

Look for my next blog post on how came to be and the founding principles behind it!

Try it for free for 7 days!

p.s.**this is not a paid advertisement
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