Have you set your 2012 goals yet?

Since Jan 1st I've been reading articles all about New Years resolutions. Did you know the most common resolution is fitness - working out more, eating right... and the next most common resolution is to read one book a month. I'm a little shocked there are no financial related goals.

Last year I had the privilege of listening to Chip Wilson speak, the founder and president of lululemon. He mentioned that each employee no matter how big or small goes through a goal setting workshop. They are asked to make goals for 3 different categories: personal, health, and career. Then they have to post these goals (which makes you accountable)...and track the progress.

Click here to access their website where you can download their worksheet. 

I think this is brilliant. I might change it to career/financial...but hey...that's just me!

If you are struggling with how to look at your goals for 2012...try this format. Then...tell your friends! You never know who could be in the same boat, or help you on your way. 

So to start 2012 of right - I am going to be accountable and post my goals for this year:

- to do  build my upper body strength by doing simple exercises around the house.
Ex. use chin up bar once a day 4x/week.  
- do yoga (3x/week) by using yogo.tv.
- travel somewhere new - with my boyfriend and with my girlfriends
- to spend time with my niece one on one.
- to continue to build my investment practice by adding new clients. 
- to maximize my TFSA and RSP contributions through quarterly contributions.

What are your 2012 goals? 
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