New Year Savings Tips

There is something about saving money that excites me. Some may say I'm a party pooper, or a big dork, I like to say I am someone who likes to see their money work for them (not the other way around).

If you like to save money too - here are some of my latest tricks to start your year off right. 
Source: via Shelly on Pinterest

1.  Be selective when buying Groupon's or any other email coupons.

While it is a lovely idea (and a smart business model) it isn't always such a "great" deal/sale. Do a little research before you buy it. I am one of the last people to do research before I buy something (if you don't believe me ask my family) but I have learned to do it. Recently, I have purchased a groupon only later to find a better deal online for a better product.

2. Pack your lunch and coffee.

Eating out and buying coffee's don't seem very expensive, but they add up when you track it over a month. This is one of the fastest way to go over budget. It's a nice luxery that has become almost an essential item in budgets. If you are someone who needs to cut back on spending...check this area out first.  

3. Buy local!

I find buying my produce locally from a farmers market or a store that specifically sells produce has saved me about $200/month and I eat a better product. If you live in the White Rock, BC area my favourite place is Bread Box on Johnston Rd. for $40 you can walk away with a box full (yes I said box) of produce - even local farm fresh (free range/hormone free) eggs.

4. Negotiate with your mobile carrier.

I have a few friends who have told me their trick to keeping their phone bills down is to negotiate with their carrier. A coworker of mine even called his carrier to ask for a specific deal that his friend had...and it worked! I know you wait a long time on the phone to get through to these companies...but try can save you a few hundred dollars annually.

5. Drive slow!

Haha...I laugh because I just realized this. It is a newly learned tip. If you are a fan of cars, you will likely know this already.  A friend of mine, Ryan, who owns RG Diagnostic in Surrey BC explained that when you drive fast you burn more fuel. Even roof racks can lessen your mileage. Take the month of January and see if you notice a difference by driving slowly - I've noticed that I can extend my tank of gas almost another week!

Thanks for reading friends - hope one of these tips can help you in 2012.

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