The perfect gift for a wine lover!

This Christmas my boyfriend and I hummed and hawed over what to get our families. We thought...what can us young kids, get our parents, that they haven't already gotten themselves?  My parents pay for us to go to Palm Desert every year. It is always such a great trip - so we wanted to get them something they couldn't get themselves.

This is when we remembered our trip up to the Okanagan this summer. We went to Summerland and Penticton in August and my parents had told us we HAD to check out this cool place called "The Bench Market".

We all ordered a coffee/tea and when the food arrived it came on wooden boards made out of a wine barrel. "OMG!!" my mom yelled..."this is amazing... isn't this amazing you guys!" She asked us all.

So my smart bf says, "How cool would it be if we could get a wine barrel and I could make these for your parents". So that's how it started... we ended up finding a wine barrel through a friend of my parents and the plates are now in the making. All Stuart's handy-work and his dad's workshop :)

Check out our photos below (keep in mind they are not complete just yet).

after cleaning the wine off the wood.


at the the drying stage! 

What do you think!?
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