Take Care of yourself: Tips to drinking more water

Since I was little, many close friends and family members have had health scares. My two grandpa's both had health issues (heart problems and cancer). Then in my teenage years my uncle was diagnosed with colon cancer and my sister was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Each year (more like each month lately), I hear from someone close to me that either themselves or a friend is suffering from a major health issue. Some of the healthiest people I know have been diagnosed with major issues! I am so confused!

A few years ago, I realized my own body wasn't feeling great. I was lethargic, had acne, and things weren't moving that well (if you know what I mean). Luckily my friend that I played soccer with is a naturopath and mentioned it could be something I am eating. After a few tests, I experimented by taking certain foods out of my diet: wheat, sugar, dairy, and coffee. There were a few others that she suggested, but I thought those 4 were hard enough!

What I realized is I ate A LOT of dairy and sugar, drank 2 coffee's a day (religiously), and wheat/bread was my go to snack for breakfast. Taking it out of my diet was VERY difficult. I told myself that as long as I did it for 9 months I would be golden. After 2 weeks I started to feel incredible and that was enough to keep me on track. I woke up with immediate energy, bright eyed and bushy tailed. I had increased my metabolism  and I could visibly see my body fat was reduced.  Weight loss was not a reason for doing this, but it isn't a bad perk! Today, this has become my lifestyle and I feel so healthy.

So with this story, I offer a reminder of health. A reminder that we all need to take care of ourselves just as much as we do our families.  We may not cure cancer or ward off disease...but we sure can do our best each and every day.

I find photos can be a great inspiration and motivator in my pursuit of health.

Look at these photos...which one looks more thirst quenching to you?
Is it COLA or is it actually WATER? For me, water wins out every time!

My trick to drinking more water is to make a delicious cold tea and keeping it in the fridge. Some of the teas I will make are rose, rooibas, green tea, and ginger. Let them steep in hot water and then pour them into a glass jar/jug and cool in the fridge. You can also cut up oranges/lemons to put in your water. Even the new Soda Streams for carbonated water are a great trick.

A jug like this is definitely one I have on my buy list (amazon).

Source: amazon.com via Karen on Pinterest

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