A Wine Barrel Cutting Board... beautiful!!

2nd sanding procedure to make sure it was extra smooth.

This weekend was spent working   on the perfect gift for a wine lover!  I  am not a wood worker and I quickly realized this weekend just HOW much darn work goes into hand made projects like this. Disclaimer alert...if you are not willing to put in a lot of work (10-14hrs)...this is NOT a "cool DIY project". I wish I was a DIY person, but really... I am just a good helper. Thank god for project managers!  

This cutting board is made from an  American Oak Wine Barrel (or that is our closest guess) and even after drying it still smells like red wine.There is no glue that holds the barrel together when full of wine, so it was pretty easy to take apart. 

A gigantic cutting board is an essential item for a chef - or someone who thinks they are a chef. Especially one that is nice enough to go from preparation to the dinner table. It is an added feature for dinners or dinner parties.  Something like this in the store would go for over $150.00.  We purchased the wine barrel for $100 and the rest of the cost is spent on little things at the store and your time.

almost finished product - note the cool writing  by the  maker  Vicard who is a wine barrel maker in Napa Valley California.

finished product on the counter - beautiful isn't it!
The finishing touch on the cutting board were the "feet". There are 4 small feet that are drilled into the bottom of the board. This allows for air circulation so it will dry faster when you have finished washing it. 

This might have to be one of the coolest projects I've done to date!
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