Eco Friendly Must Have's and Must Know's

Regaular shopping is a big I right? Especially if you are the only one in the family who does it. I like to think I am an eco-friendly shopper. I buy the eco toothpaste, the eco deoderant (yes this has it's ups and downs), and the eco-friendly cleaners - soaps, shampoos, dishwashing detergent and laundry detergent. Having just been to a big store (that will remain nameless) I purchased a few things that were written on the package "eco-friendly"... I left feeling pretty good with myself.  Later I read an article that explains that it isn't as eco-friendly as you may think.

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These days it seems with EVERYTHING you have to read labels to know exactly what you are eating/consuming/ingesting whether you like it or not. 
Source: via Care on Pinterest

After reading this long, but totally worth it book on green beauty products, I realized how much CRAP is in our products (I am being Frank here). I probably use up to 20 beauty products (I'm sure even more) everyday. From the toothpaste, to the hair gel, to the hairspray, make up, shampoo, deodorant, face cream, nail polish... man the list go on and on.

I learned that there are so many things in your own house you can use for beauty products. For example, the Manicure in a Jar recipe.

Not only can you use these recipes for beauty but also for cleaning... the simple white vinegar in water is what I remember growing up with. Mix 3 (water)  to 1 (vinegar) and you've got yourself a great floor cleaner.  Eco friendly and a super good price!!

If you can't be bothered to make a homemade cleaning recipe or read a label on your cleaning products - I've read that these brands are actually considered eco-friendly and non toxic. Saweet! Check it out...

  • Method - People Against Dirty - They seem to have a really big product line - from cleaners to candles they do a great job at offering lots of solutions. If you see this in your super market I have read this is a natural goodie!
  • Seventh Generation - I find this brand is a little more expensive, but offer different things like feminine hygiene products - which is nice for the ladies!  I have seen this product mostly in health food stores, however, I believe as time goes on this product is getting more and more popular and you'll start to see it in all stores.
  • Clorox Green Works- On their website it says they have 99.9% natural ingredients, making it environmentally friendly. I'm not sure if this is as green as the other two companies? Might have to do more research into this. The PLUS (benefit) is this is reasonably priced and you can find this product almost everywhere! I've seen it at our local dollar store!  

One of my thriftiest tips is to check out your local health food store on Earth Day. Last year I went to Choices - not realizing Earth Day is a big celebration. I was given many many green products for free to try and sample. Since then I've learned a lot about green living, and have been loving the products I have sampled.  I've realizing how great they can be for your home and health. Saves time, energy...and hopefully the Earth too!

What's your favourite cleaning or natural beauty product?

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