Gluten Free Waffles

I'm always on social media talking about my weekend Gluten Free Waffles - (click here for a recipe) it is my weekend ritual.  Since I became GF I realized how much I missed the breakfast treats I used to eat before - french toast, pancakes, Belgium waffles.... man would I survive. I then found GF flours that I could use in my own recipes. Buckwheat and Millet flour have become my favourites. They are very easy to substitute and if you get them both FRESH you would never know the difference. There is actually MORE flavour to it than wheat.

One thing that is super easy to make is waffles.  Here is the recipe I used this morning:
- 1 over-ripe banana- mashed
- 1 tsp of vanilla
- 1 organic free range egg
- 1 tsp of agave nectar (for sweetener)
- 1/3 cup of ground flax seeds (fresh is the best)
- 1/2 tsp of salt
- 1/3 cup of hemp hearts
- 1 cup buckwheat flour
- less than 1 cup of millet flour
- 1 tsp of baking powder
- 1 tsp of ginger powder (you can't taste it but it's good for you)

Mix well - will need to add about 2- 3 cups of almond milk/coconut milk or milk. Whatever your preference is.

We use a Cuisinart waffle maker - we use an oil brush to brush on Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil and then pour the mixture on. The waffles come out nice and crunchy.

A favourite to put on top is peanut butter (Adam's natural crunchy), Summerland Sweats raspberry syrup (unsweetened), and a touch of good old Canadian maple syrup on top.

I tell ya' even my sister loves this one!

Next weekend give it a try!

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