Mazatlan, Mexico

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Wahoo! I have booked my trip to Mazatlan. This had originally planned to be another girls trip, however, with recent bad news...the girls decided it wasn't the trip for them. I can't blame them, but I am in desperate need for some sun. So off I plan to go!

 3 Fun things to do in Mazatlan:

1. Surf: I am going with my bf so he will want to surf day and night - here is where we plan to go - Playa Brujas 


2. Visit Pacifico Brewery: 
on Trip Advisor a tour of Pacifico Brewery looks pretty fun...not to mention a free beer. The only stipulation I can see is that you need to wear long pants and closed shoes to be allowed in.

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3. Sport Fishing! 
a friend said go to the Marina and ask where you can get on a boat! Seems pretty easy but looks like a lot of fun. I'm not sure if it is a catch and release kind of thing - I'm sure you can find what you prefer.

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Have you been to Mazatlan, Mexico?? What are you favourite things to do? 
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