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Social Media is a huge machine. I'm a big fan of social media and started a Facebook page for my blog, Fun N Finance, not too long ago. (Click the link to connect with me!) My mom thinks because I am "young" is the reason why I know all about social media...but I have to disagree. Thanks to a networking group TRBN I was able to get information on social media and start my personal journey into the big world.

Did you know that it was reported last year that Twitter had 200 million tweets per day! Check out my info-graphics below...

Are you on the social media band wagon? Or are you one of those people who are scared or nervous to jump in?

I honestly believe that if you are in business you need to be on social media. I find there can be a lot of push back when it comes to social media - some of the concerns I've heard are:

- It takes too much Time!

True and False - True - the point of social media is to participate! You can't participate if you aren't on it. A lack of time on social media can be worse than not being on it. False - there are many ways in which you can utilize social media and not be bogged down by the consumption of time. Automating your tweets or linking your facebook updates to your twitter page can help. Remember to focus on the times of the day when people use Facebook the most - I've read (morning and before bed) you can get quite a lot done.

- I prefer to have REAL conversations!

I hear this all the time. Especially from my bf! OK I get it - if it's a personal thing and if you don't work for yourself than you can spend your time however you want. Although, I will disagree if you are an entrepreneur or looking to be one. If you can use social media to get a following once you launch your product/service you'll have a team of people who already listen and like what you have to say! That can go a long way when you are first starting out.

- I don't understand!

Ahh... in my opinion this is the main reason why someone won't go on social media. What is a hash-tag and a mention or a tweep you might ask? All these words and social media lingo can be truly confusing.  Do you know someone who is into social media? If you are reading my blog you can answer yes - you know Caroline. Well why don't you ask them! Go for coffee and chat about what the social world is all about. I've been to many networking events and these days they are all talking social media... get out there and learn!

Or if all else fails try it... you might like it!

I am a big fan of info-graphics - check these out - I found them really interesting.

This one basically shows you that by income level, by age, and by education level who uses what media the most.

Source: via Sky on Pinterest

Take that MOM!! 
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