What's up with the C word - Commitment?


Why is commitment so hard sometimes?
Have you ever been told by someone they will do something and then they don't follow through?
Have you ever told yourself you would do something and you don't follow through?

It happens to everyone. It seems to me that in January we are so quick to tell ourselves that we can do it all... and then we slowly realize we can't - or we don't want to.

There have been many times where I, myself have said, "oh I will just drop that off for you next week"...two weeks go by and I haven't moved it off the counter. I wake up and my brain isn't in remember mode...it is in get ready, brush your hair/teeth, eat, and drive to work mode.

Lately, I've realized how detrimental this can be to many things in your life. A lack of commitment can really wreak havoc in your life. One thing leads to the other...it is true in so many ways. So don't let it happen to you!

Here are some of my tips to keep your commitment level and your to-do list running:

1. Break it down!

Often I get overwhelmed by the whole. If I have a list of 100 things to do, instead of focusing on the 100 I break it down to 5. Can I delegate? Can I kill two birds with one stone? Can I make a call to speed things up.  After completing these 5 things - I do that each day until your list starts to dwindle down. It makes the whole feel a lot more manageable.

2. Schedule it!

We all have smart phones (or at least I hope we do) - smart phones have revolutionized calendars. They can be updated from each device you have (computer, laptop, phone, tablet) and will provide you with reminders before you have to complete them. First schedule in your prioritized events (family, work etc) and even time for yourself. You'll quickly be able to see what you can and cannot agree to do or participate in.

3. Let go of those things you cannot control!

This is definitely one of those sayings in which it is easier said than done.  It has happened to me when I feel like crap because I was not as committed as I think I "should" be. Let it go! Life happens and it isn't always what you "think" it "should" be. When you focus on what is not happening...it seems to cloud your judgement and ability to handle what is happening in your life.

While #3 comes naturally to me, it doesn't come naturally to many... just remember a few of these tips this month.

Like Yoda says, "do or do not, there is no try"...

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