3 of my Favourite Organic (Food) Products

Hello friends! Being an organic lover and health food freak...yes I can call myself that...these are a few products I like to use everyday.  I prefer to get my health benefits from food itself, instead of taking supplements.  I've realized this isn't always possible. Here are some of the things I eat/drink everyday if I can, and no I am not paid, nor was I asked to review any of these products... I just honestly love them!

#1 - Coconut Oil - Organic Extra Virgin

There are so many health benefits from using Coconut Oil... I began using coconut oil because I took dairy out of my diet...and it was recommended as a substitute to butter. I have fallen in love with it and only recently realized how healthy it actually is for you... read some of the information here! You can use CO for anything and everything. Friends use CO as a moisturiser ( even on their faces) and can easily use for cookies, pies, and all those wonderful baked goods you normally use butter for.

#2 - Apple Cider Vinegar RAW and Unfiltered

Thank you Bragg's! This stuff rocks... I've read this helps you with all sorts of things. For me,  I've found it helps with acid reflux/ heart burn - it also keeps your body alkaline, which in my case, helps with digestion. For my BF, this helps his nasal passages open and reduces his allergies.  How to consume? Put a tablespoon of ACV in your water (might want to use a bit of honey until you get used to the taste). I put in my shakes in the morning before work. This is an acquired taste so don't be put off if you can hardly drink it for the first few times...you will get used to it. You can also can use this for salad dressings instead of using balsamic vinegar.

#3 - Garden of Life - Raw Meal and Raw Protein 

I never thought I would be one of those people who replaces meals with shakes...but I guess when you find the right product you can't help it. I use this product because I feel great starting my day with it. My coffee and sugar cravings have dramatically decreased and my metabolism has benefited as well! Raw Protein or raw meal replacement you'll find tons of raw organic superfoods, probiotics, vitamins, minerals in here...you name it, I feel like it is in this stuff. Check out the link here for more information and their product line.

There are so many great health products out there... what do you use and feel the best after taking? Share with us!

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