5 ways we SAVE money each month

It feels like since the 2008 market meltdown being frugal is cool! Or maybe it never went out of style. I've had plenty of discussions with my parents when they were young and had 2 little kids...how did they get by? My mom used to say she was a serious coupon-er. Most people think that because my parents have money that I always have money too...nope! Ever since I was 12, I was put on a clothing allowance and ordered to spend my own money. So if I wanted the new shoes or jeans for back to school shopping, it was up to me to save my allowance to buy it. Now, 14 years later, I feel like I am still on that clothing allowance. When I see a shiny new object that I would like to purchase...I take some time to think about: if I have already put savings away, if I have paid all my bills, my coming bills, a little extra for emergency...and depending on how much I have left over, I consider it.

To do the things I enjoy, I watch what I spend. Here are some of the ways I save:

1. Local Produce Markets

This was a tip given to me about 5 years ago. When you go to the local produce shops you are (almost) guaranteed to find your produce cheaper on a regular basis ** not including sales/coupons etc.  Each week we go to the Bread Box on Johnston Rd in White Rock and usually spend $40.00 and leave with a HUGE box of vegetables which includes free range farm eggs.
* By not going into the bigger stores you are not tempted to go down the candy isle and will spend less money on non perishables.
** I've not used this website but I've also heard the same benefits using www.SPUD.ca

2.  Make it yourself!

We all love convenience. However, have you ever realize how that box of cookies cost $7 - or how granola and trail mix can get away with charging so much for so little. ME too! So the next time you see that delicious cookie sitting in the store, tell yourself you have to make it...you'll save yourself a buck or two - and hey, if you don't end up making it you'll save yourself the calories too. My favourite cookbook right now  to help you on your way is...


"Trading is my favourite" (as Stella would say). My sister is an amazing cook! I've been bugging her to put her recipes up on her new blog - the Yogo Life.  We trade - her delicious curry paste for our loaf of Banana bread. You can also do this with CLOTHES. Put your clothes in a bag that you no longer wear...get all your girlfriends together with their clothes...and have a swap. You're also exercising your green thumb too. Score!

4.  Price Shop - locally and online! 

Online - If you haven't discovered it already, check out Amazon.com for products before you buy. I've found the best deals on this website - from car headlights to makeup. My girlfriend at Vanilla & Lace is a professional online price shopper - check out her blog for fashion tips and deals.
Locally - before I need to go to the store I look in the local newspapers or their online catalogs and check out the weekly specials.

5.  Cross Border Shop...

Things just aren't the same price in Canada...gasoline, groceries, alcohol...etc. When it's time to fill the tank I often go across the line. I end up saving $15 per tank of gasoline. I fill up 2 times a month so my savings are $30 a month. Living in White Rock it's just a hop skip and a jump and definitely worth it. Check out this article by Rob Engen on why products are more expensive in Canada.

What are you favourite money saving tips?
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