Healthy snacks at the office

I work in an office environment and I might find I snack a lot! If you are like me, sometimes this can be good... and sometimes not so good. Here are some excellent snacks at the office that are healthy, satisfying, and will fill you up:

1. Sliced Apple with Peanut Butter

SO delish! Slice up your favourite apple (mine is Gala) spread some natural (no sugar) peanut butter or almond butter and it's a quick, easy and filling snack.

2. Homemade Trail Mix

Add in your favourite nuts (almonds, cashews, walnuts) with your favourite seeds (pumpkin, sunflower) and even some dried fruit or dark chocolate. I find this fills me up and gives you lots of nutrients and good fats!

3. Hummus and Veggies

If you like humus this is such an easy snack. Cut up vegetables the night before work to fill a container. I have a store bought container of hummus at work that I leave there to constantly dip into the goodies. Bring enough veggies and this will surprisingly fill you up!

4. Chia Seed Breakfast

I don't eat breakfast at home but I have a stash of chia seeds at the office for my morning breakfast. Fill 2-3 tablespoons full of chia to put in your bowl. Then fill 1 cup and maybe another 1/2 cup if you like and let the chia soak for 15 mins. I like to add in fruits and nuts. Once the chia has soaked up the milk it will turn into a type of pudding - coated mixture...this means it is time to eat. Chia is very good for you, tons of protein and good essential oils :)

What's your favourite healthy snack?
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