Kite Boarding Extravaganza!

I've always thought kite boarding was an incredible sport. Made for those who are courageous and willing to let the power of the wind and a huge kite fuel their fires. I never thought I would be actually willing or interested to get into the extreme sport that it is. That is until my man started to take up this sport. It is his new passion and hobby and if I ever find myself wondering where he may be, all I need to do is look to see if his kite and wet suit are home.

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

As I started to get more curious about it I thought I would go fly his trainer kite. A trainer kite is literally that, a small 3 meter kite that you learn to fly before you get up to 10, 14, and even 16 meter kites!!

Had a blast flying the kite we decided it would be fun to fly the 10 meter kite...why not! So we pump it up and have a go! 

This weekend I watched Stu take to the water and get up and riding and I found myself jealous! Wishing I too could be out there ripping up the water. I can see why so many people enjoy this sport. Not sure if I'll have the courage to get out there and try, but if so I sure do hope I look like this...

Source: via Kimberly on Pinterest
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