So I tried Crossfit... have you heard of it?

So I have done 2 weeks in a row of Sunday Morning Throw-downs at Fitness Town thanks to Dai Manual for pushing me to try it. This has been my first experience with CrossFit and man is it a great workout!

What I love about CrossFit so far:

  • It is not for the faint-hearted... after you're first time you'll see why. Being a competitor I like the toughness of it.
  • The PEOPLE...this is true in most things I do. I've never felt so supported in a workout environment before and that is because everyone cheers you on and encourages you to finish strong and to your full potential. From the coach to the teammates, it's a great atmosphere.
  • Education - I've learned so much the 2 times I've gone - proper technique and functional exercises -  so when I'm at the gym I don't have to feel lost! 

Trying to find a few pictures or a video for my readers to show you what CrossFit is all about...I realized everything is really intimidating! Each photo men and women have ripped bodies and are dead lifting some seriously heavy weights. Or they are doing a headstand upside down in rings! Seriously!!?? So check this out...but realize everyone starts somewhere and I can guarantee when you start as a beginner you won't be lifting huge weights!

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