A Solution to your Shell and Rock Collections

Do you have a shell and/or a rock collection. Check out this SUPER simple DIY project.

When I was little I was obsessed with the beach. I wanted to be a Roxy Model, be a surfer and pose on the beach. I thought it was my calling! As I realized this wasn't going to happen, I started to slowly collect things. Rocks, and shells. I even was given shells from family members when they returned home from trips too. My collection started to build really quickly. Since then I've just put them in a clear vase but nothing really fancy was done. A few weeks ago I was at my co-workers house for a baby shower. I saw her lovely shell colleciton in a beautiful glass structure with a candle in the middle.  I loved the idea. So this DIY project was inspired by her!
All I did was take my shells and mix in some FUN things. As you can see on the left side of the picture I have a mini Buddha, and a silver flat rock that says hope.  ON the other side - see below photo. I have a mini wooded surfboard that I got when I was in Australia. Another blue/green flat rock that says Friends.

By taking two shallow glass vases I was able to get the rocks and shells the way I want them. To showcase my favourite ones right up by the of the vase.  The options are endless and no two people will have the same ones.  I could even remove some of the big shells and place in a small candle or two. 

If you have a shell or rock collection - here is a design and decorative solution for you!

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