Fresh Food Tip- Berries

Isn't it great when you find great tips online... it's often something I would never have thought about doing and then when you hear about it you think... oh right - that sounds so smart!

Here is one I thought I would pass along - thanks to Food Lush blog!

This is for your fresh berries- the tip is when you get home from the store immediately soak your berries in one part vinegar (ex. 1 cup vinegar) to 10 parts water (or 10 cups water)... add more or less depending on how many berries you bought and how you are soaking them.

Why you may ask?

According to the food lush blog - the vinegar kills off any bacterial or mold spores which makes your yummy berries last much longer... weeks longer in many cases.

The nice thing about this is it's all eco friendly and vinegar can be super healthy for your body (if you follow the alkaline way of eating).

Hope this works for you and your fruits!
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