Save More Tomorrow

Thanks to The Money Finder Stephanie I learned something interesting this week... why people DON'T save efficiently.

If you read her article or watch the video below called "Save More Tomorrow" you'll learn a lot. I will summarize for you here (as best as I can):

  • - 1/10 people in the USA are actually saving for retirement
  • Most think they save too much... only .50% are actually saving too much...

1. Procrastination, time, effort... it takes a lot of "work" to set this up and get it going - so most opt to do nothing (many of us are good procrastinators - right Stu!).
2. It also is not as much FUN to save now... when we can spend it NOW and have more FUN today!
3. We hate loosing things... often savings are seen as LOOSING money and we hate we avoid it.

- Save more tomorrow philosophy. As your income rises take monthly automatic payments out and you won't be losing it, it isn't too much work to set up, and you watch your savings GROW which is super FUN!

It's a simple idea yet one of the best ways to save long term... if you aren't doing it - talk to someone who can help you!

This is the smart man & the full video...
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