Healthy Summer Activities

As you may (or may not) have noticed... my last post seems to be awhile ago. Guess why?
The sun came out and I find myself reacquainted with my love of the outdoors and all the glorious activities BC has to offer. Here are some of my favourite summer activities...

1. SUP: Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Thanks to a local Canadian SUP company Harding Boards I can take our board down my parents back steps and onto White Rock beach for a Pacific paddle. Seals, crabs, fish, fresh air, salt water, kelp are just a few fun things you'll find paddling. Not to mention this can be a great workout (carrying your board out to the water and paddling for as long as you want). Lots of people even do Yoga on SUP's! If you have seen paddlers out there and have been wanting to try it... DO it!

Source: via Care on Pinterest

This is my Stu on a beautiful sunset paddle.


BC has some of the best biking due to the many different levels of terrain available. For mountain bikers and cyclists, BC has some easy day rides and even some multi day adventures!

Recently my favourite route is to bike along the path from Surrey to Tswwassen - stop for a bite to eat and a coffee and head back on the trail to Surrey. You'll bike with the coastline in view almost the whole time and it is a fairly flat ride about 40 km long. On a nice day you can't beat it! If you're interested in this route click here for more details!

3. Yoga Online

I realize that many think that yoga is normally an "indoor activity", however, I encourage you to take it outside to enjoy your beautiful practice and weather! Makes it "awesomer" as some of my Rotary friends would say. Having a sister who started which is a website where you can take yoga classes on-line, I've realized how easy it is to do yoga anywhere and any time. While that is not me in the photo (my sister in front) you can see how much FUN it can be to get outside and be active.

What are some of your favourite activities to do in the summer?

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