What the Olympics can do for you...

Go Canada Go!
I have to admit... I've been watching the Olympics non stop. I watch them on the TV all day at work, my iPad for the replays, and to top it off - I even follow some athletes on twitter.  (Christine Sinclair @sincy12)

I'm not ashamed to say I am SO INSPIRED! Whether you follow the Olympics or think it is a waste of money, you cannot deny the incredible dedication it takes to win a medal in London. I am so impressed (and have also been unimpressed) with the attitude and character of many of these women and men. The young athletes that take to their sport with courage and confidence is incredible.

How come more of us don't do this in our everyday lives? There are always things in life that need more courage and confidence.  For some it is sports, career, fitness, education, finance...(or all of those)! Imagine if you took just an ounce of confidence from some of these talented athletes!

I met with a client today and she implied that she'd never understand the language of finance. I told her that it takes practice, time, effort and eventually you will start to see the benefits. It also takes a change of attitude... yes it may be difficult to understand, but if you want to learn, you will!

If you are inspired by the Olympics like me, spend some time this weekend thinking about how you can bring some of their determination to different areas of your life.  I already am!

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