Day to Day Inspiration

Hello friends!
I've been feeling pretty tired lately, just been busy and lots of things on my plate. Seems like MANY others feel similar to me in September. For those of you who need a pick me up... here are my tips/tricks!

Chocolate: yes a little bit goes a long way and life is more fun when you add chocolate in the mix! 

Kick your Feet up!
Literally lay somewhere where you can kick your feet above your head. It is great for circulation (as I am often told by my yogi sister!)

Life is meant to be enjoyed - spend some time laughing, you'd be surprised how refreshing it can be!
Source: via Care on Pinterest

Add Music to your Activities:
Making dinner? Cleaning house? Add some uplifting music and see where your mood takes you... often times it helps you relax and you'll probably find yourself singing or dancing along. Great energizers!

What's your favourite way to stay energized? 
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