My favourite holiday treat!

                                                                Source: via Colette on Pinterest

Mandarin Oranges! .... I know this is probably not what you were thinking. The beauty of loving these delicious treats during the holidays is that they are also really good for you!  According to "Heal with" there are two top benefits of eating mandarins. I highly recommending reading the full link here for all the details. 

1. Due to phytochemicals and vitamin C in the peel and juice, this can prevent some forms of cancer by inhibiting growth. Also contributes to your health by boosting the "good cholesterol  in your body. However, there were some notes if you currently have cancer to watch for. Read the article if this relates to you.  

2. Considered a fantastic beauty food with vitamins that help build up your collagen (which gives your skin the structural support it needs to look good)

Aside from tasting delicious, these treats are great for your health. If you have late night cravings like I do, these can be a life saver! 

What is your favourite holiday treat? 

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