The Best Christmas Gift

Today in my networking group - my good friend Susi Vasseur said the best present you can give your family this year is to be PRESENT!  Funny isn't it... how we all run around at this time of the year getting gifts for family, friends, and we forget that often the most special thing we can do is put down the phone, stop thinking about the money, and BE with the ones you love. Giving gifts of love, laughter, and TIME - by listening to your family are what make lasting holiday memories.

This is what my mom does so well. She embodies the Christmas spirit by loving her family (lucky us!) and making sure we all spend time together. We go to church, we make dinner together, we go for a Christmas day walk (we spend Xmas in Southern California), and we play games - puzzles, cards, Catch-phrase! These are the memories that are so fond to me.

This is a good idea to keep in mind when making your shopping list!

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