Why FUN n' Finance?

Welcome to my blog! My name is Caroline, feel free to call me Care... I got that nickname when I was 12 and it has stuck ever since! 

Why finance? I started saving and investing my own money when I was 12. I was put on a budget and began to invest my money. I liked owning companies that I knew, like Tim Horton's or Walt Disney...these companies made sense to me and I understood their business model.   

Part of my very large family -
Clockwise from top left
 (My Dad, Me, My Mom, Her Mom -
my grandmother, My Sister and her daughter Stella)
 My grandfather managed money  professionally until he was 81 and was the reason my mom became an investment advisor. The reason I am an investment advisor is because of my mom. She has been an exemplary role model for me and continues to share lesson's she learned from her father. My mom's clients are more than just "income" to her - they are friendships, relationships, and lives. This is how I was inspired to join the practice. To take care of her clients and their families as I will for my own family. 

Why FUN? Because that is who I am at my core. I'm also authentic, honest, and integrity plays a huge role in my life (I don't like fake or insincere).  I am a health advocate, a family woman, a toastmaster, a community volunteer, and a self professed goofball (I love to tell bad jokes). At least I think they're funny! 
Thank you for reading. If you have any specific financial questions please feel free to contact me personally.

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Yes, I have to have a disclaimer... you never know these days. Just wanted to reiterate that this is my personal blog and these are my thoughts, feelings, opinions and they are no one else's (not my employer or team). The articles I post or link to are of my own opinion. I reserve the right to edit, delete any comments that I deem inappropriate. All the images, unless otherwise noted are my own. Please don't steal my things. If you would like to use my images or words all I ask is you ask me first and cite the place where you found it. Lastly, I am passionate about finance and highly recommend consulting a financial advisor before making any major financial decisions. It is important to get specific advice as per your individual situation.
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